Immunity to bacteria from tooth decay helps to fight cancer

Increased immunity to the bacteria in cavities also acts to bind the disease, according to the new study. People with teeth cavities are less likely to suffer head and neck cancer.

In 399 patients with head and neck cancer, tooth decay was 32 per cent less common than in 221 individuals without the disease. Tumours can be suppressed by the “Th1” immunity that the mouth bacteria prompts. The study was conducted at the University of New York in Buffalo.

Leader Dr Mine Tezal said: “To our knowledge, the present study suggests an independent association between dental caries and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

“Th1 responses have consistently been associated with decreased risk of cancer. Antimicrobial treatment, vaccination, or gene therapy against cariogenic bacteria may lead to more harm than good in the long run." [reported to UK express]

Source: UK Express

Author: Saumyadip Sarkar (Science Communicator)